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<Good Typography is Invisible, Bad Typography is Everywhere>

In my point of view, the statement ‘Good typography is invisible, Bad typography is Everywhere’ by Craig Ward has two views behind it. The first view comes from the of the readers or observers’ view. Though there is a bad typography, people could be careless unless they can’t read or see the words on it. They could just pass it over, and be unable to tell why it is a bad typography. On the other hand, there are tons of typographical artworks that don’t really give us any impressions or things that they really want to talk about. They might look beautiful, but they might not have anything that people look for. All those good typographical works show little details that we could miss.

The shape of fonts, using empty spaces, the color of fonts, and the words that give us the idea to think are the beauty of good typography. The poster of Craig Ward himself can be a good example. The fonts with red color saying ‘Bad Typography is Everywhere’ is typed randomly using spaces disorderedly. So, people can see why it is bad in typography. And the line that says ‘Good Typography is invisible’ is actually the same color of the background color which shows that we can’t easily find it. But it is nicely ordered, and using spaces appropriately. As I pointed out at the beginning of the writing, we all might miss all those details that artists put on their works. Though Ward used the color white for the line for good typography, it is a great idea to make people want to see what it says behind the red fonts. Also, it is really hard to find a good typography that has all these conditions that would make people have attended to it. I think that is why Ward said good typography that qualifies all the conditions in art, and meaning is invisible which is hard to find.


Here are the examples of good typography and bad typography

This artwork has a clear statement with good color choices, though there are different typefaces, it gets more attention to the work.

This poster has a great sense of using fonts. It looks very simple, but there are details in sizes of fonts.

I like this stand because it is very clear. The white line says ‘take out or eat in’, and the spaces between words are well used.

It is very clear and well-spread of fonts.

I like this handwriting font, and it is well aligned.

I think it used too much of spaces between the alphabets, and they are not in the same size which looks unorganized, and I don’t understand their use of colors.

The words overlap, and though ‘charity’ is one word, it doesn’t look like it because of the up and down.

‘Therapist’ is one word, but in this case, it looks like ‘the rapist’.

The spaces between the lines are not the same size, also the spaces between the alphabets are very arbitrary.

The brand name is on the top which is fine, but the brief information of the drink is not good because the used the same shade of the color, so it doesn’t really come to my sight right away.

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